Wednesday, 25 November 2015

I think chasing debts is one of the most helpful things we do for tenants

Nobody likes debt chasing.  That's both the people doing it and the people being chased.

If ever l forget to pay a bill l am always worried someone thinks either:
(a) I did it on purpose or
(b) I am having trouble keeping up
Even if the above aren't true a call about an outstanding bill is always a bit uncomfortable.

To be honest, I've spent time in our call centre chasing debt and it's not always that great to be making the calls either.  Sometimes no matter how polite you are, people can get pretty irritable or upset. But, I think it is one of the most important things we do!  And we couldn't be doing it at a better time of year!

The trouble with debt is that it is easy to get out of control.  Also sometimes if you leave things too long sorting it out later could either become demoralising or even impossible. It's a bit like getting something repaired or putting off a visit to the doctors.  Leave it too long and it could end up too late to fix things.

Owing a few weeks' rent may not seem too bad, but bear in mind it is Christmas next month.  Heap on top of rent arrears a bill for Christmas presents and new year celebrations and it is easy to find yourself owing £1,000 + come January.

What we're trying to do with our arrears fortnight is very simple.  We're trying to keep people in their homes.  Ignoring a rent arrear now could mean you find yourself in so much debt come the new year that the problem will be much more difficult if not impossible to sort out.

In that respect debt is very much like grass.  Leave it too long and you can't cut it easily - as a worse case it gets simply too bad to cut at all.  Focusing on clearing your rent account now could save you from a mountain of problems later.

Here's to arrears fortnight and a Christmas with less worry about debt!  If you get a letter or a call please see it as an opportunity; our staff are focused and ready and waiting to keep on top of your rent.

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