Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Mourinho has a special talent - but it has nothing to do with football

Jose has a talent he has learnt from the master - Sir Alex.  It has nothing to do with diamond shapes, 4-4-2, or playing three across the back.  it has to do with deflecting criticism.
They have a technique for what to do when they get things wrong that works very effectively.  (However, l don't think it works as well for mere mortals.)
The technique is very simple.  They get angry.  They get angry with the opposition, the referee, the fans, the players or the press.  On one occasion when beaten by Southampton Sir Alex got angry that the shirts were the wrong colour - he blamed the kit man.  It wasn't that they were complete rubbish, his players "couldn't see" each other!
On Sunday Jose got angry at the opposition boss for "humiliating" him.  I'm sat there shouting at the TV, "you humiliated yourself - you sent out an ill prepared team with the wrong tactics and you failed to sort it out at half time."
However, l have to acknowledged that the masterstroke worked yet again.  The press focus was on what he said in the other guy's ear - not on Jose's abject failings as a manager.

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