Saturday, 21 January 2017

So what is wrong with a wall across the Mexican border exactly?

I don't get why people, especially in the UK, have a problem with Trump building a wall to protect the US boarder with Mexico, and are making out hence he must be an idiot?  This seems a bit like hypocrisy in the UK  especially because we have only the one land border and it is one of the most fortified tunnels in the world!

The idea that people could breeze their way back and forth through the channel tunnel would be utterly outrageous to most Brits. So why expect the Americans to allow people to wander in and out of the States?  Bearing in mind some of the slurs against Donald I don't understand why wanting to protect your borders makes anyone a racist.  Ask yourself now who are in the wrong , Trump supporters for wanting to make their country secure or the people who call them names?

If you remember the Brits are more paranoid about free movement than the rest of Europe.  We never signed up to free movement of people without the need for passports like the rest of Europe did and now we are leaving the EC because 52% of voters didn't want uncontrolled immigration from the 27 European countries making up the EC. As a nation l think we are the last people with a right to laugh at Trump and be holier than thou because he wants to build a wall.

I have heard Trump talking calmly about the wall.  He says we're going to build a wall to keep America safe.  What is wrong with that?  An easy way for a terrorist to get into the US would be to hop a plane to South America and work their way to Mexico and over the boarder at the moment.

Having said the wall is to keep the US safe he goes onto say in the middle of the wall, metaphorically speaking , there will be a beautiful door,  through the door people will be able to come and go safely and legally if they have a legal right to enter the US.  Again, utterly sensible and by contrast the argument against doing this are utterly stupid.

People laughed at Trump saying the Mexicans will pay for the wall. We have already seen that imports from Mexico will have higher tarrifs as a means of moving jobs back to the US.  So the Mexicans will pay the the wall in as much as it will be paid for by tarrifs on imported goods from Mexico.  Again to me the fools look like the people who did not understand how the financing could work.  

I always maintained as a younger man I would have been happier on a building site than in an office. Who knows perhaps one day l will get a bricklaying job afterall - they certainly will need a lot of them!

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